Penis Enlargement (PE) involves significant risk. YOU and only you are responsible for assuming that risk. The makers of the BibHanger accept NO responsibility, make no warranties (expressed or implied) and will NOT be held liable for the safety or efficacy of this product-whether or not it is used in accordance with its intended function. Purchase and/or use of the BibHanger constitutes acceptance of these terms.


The BibHanger was developed over the course of a couple of years at the request of, and for the benefit of, the guys from the penis enlargement forums. They have never been advertised. Bib and sons make the hangers, but this is not a dedicated business. Bib personally has a lot to do.

We have always tried to fill the orders as soon as possible, shipment usually occurring within a day or so of receiving an order. Both the Regular and the Starter Hanger molds have been updated and improved. There should be no delay in delivery now. We hope to continue this trend, but we may have to go to a once per week shipment day at some point. Further, all orders are filled on a first come, first serve basis. If we get behind, and your order cannot be filled within a short time, you will be notified by email.

But Before You Jump Into This...

Hanging weights from your penis is not something to be taken lightly. Obviously. This is your most-prized body part.

What is perhaps not so obvious is that penis enlargement (PE) is a process; a process that can take weeks, months, or even years to work. Which means PE requires a lot from its practitioners; dedication, perseverance, and (dare we say) even a bit of intelligence. Just because you buy a hanger doesn't mean you'll be successful. If you aren't willing to make the necessary investments in time and energy, then buying this or any other penis enlargement product is sure to be a waste of money. Even if you do everything right, gains can sometimes be hard to come by.

What can you do to increase the odds of your success?

Educate yourself!

A successful bodybuilder doesn't mindlessly lift weights 18 hours a day, hoping his muscles will grow. Nor does the successful PEer mindlessly strap an anvil to his penis with a bit of baling wire, hoping his penis will enlarge. Both of these men take a more enlightened approach, and so should you. 

You should know the basic physiology of your penis. You should know how various types and intensities of stress can affect it. You should know when it is time to take a break. Knowledge like this can speed your progress exponentially, not to mention keep you safe in the process.


Some of the best sources for good PE information won't cost you a dime. Much good information can be found in the hangers section of online PE forums. Bib will reply to questions at: Bib's Hangers Forum. Bib will also answer questions by email or by Private Messages at Bib's Hangers Forum.

Also, checkout Thunder's Place. Thunder's has a Hanger's Forum with a wealth of good information.

by the way...You must use some form of wrapping material in conjunction with the Bib Hanger. We now offer Theraband latex wrap! Refer to the product guide for other possibilities.

You will also need something to hang from the Bib Hanger. Weights are not included. Anything from barbells to beer bottles may be used effectively. (Beer consumption is not a recommended PE strategy). Just make sure you know how much weight you're actually using.

We now offer an additional model--the Bib Starter! It works on the same principles as the original Bib Hanger but accommodates a range of sizes the original Bib Hanger doesn't quite catch.

The original Bib Hanger works best for guys with at least 6 inches erect length* and 5 inches erect girth*.

The new Bib Starter works for guys with at least 3.5 inches erect length* and 3.5 inches erect girth*.

Which Should you Choose?

As you can see, you may be able to use either model. When making your decision, consider the following:

The Bib Starter is about one inch shorter in length and slightly shorter in height than the original Bib Hanger. As a result, the Bib Starter is less likely to stretch the skin excessively. If you have tight skin when erect, the Bib Starter may be for you.

On the other hand, because it is in contact with more of the shaft, the original Bib Hanger usually handles heavier weight more comfortably.

The Bib Starter can accommodate a maximum erect girth* of approximately 6.5 inches. There are no limits on erect length.

The original BibHanger can accommodate a maximum erect girth* of approximately 8 inches. There are no limits on erect length.

Still Not Sure?

Consider this: While it is more expensive than the Bib Starter, the original Bib Hanger should be the last hanger you'll ever need. In other words, buying the Bib Hanger is cheaper than buying the Bib Starter, becoming too large for it, and then needing to buy the original Bib Hanger as well.

NOTE Erect girth measurements are used to give you some approximate guidelines. NEVER HANG WHILE YOUR PENIS IS ERECT!


The Hardcore, without padding, is now available.

This hanger is ONLY for experienced Starter or regular BibHanger users, whose soft tissues are already conditioned to withstand the additional stresses.

The Hardcore is really designed for use by men with previous hanging experience, it is not the preferred hanger to learn how to hang with.

If you want to try a hardcore anyway, you may need to use a lot of wrapping in order to stand the intensity.

Pictures of the Hardcore hanger here.

If You Think the Bib Hanger is for You...

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